Stoney Squaw Loop

1hr/Hard/4.5km • Short, tough & packs a scenic punch

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This might just be the best possible hour of expert-level mountain biking. However, be warned that the initial climb is extremely rooty and near-impossible to completely ride. But the long descent is a gem: a lovely flowing single-track trail with some tricky rocky sections back to the Norquay ski area. En route are some great views of the Bow Valley through gaps in the dense trees.

If you can get someone to drop you at the start, then do, since this will allow you to peel off the trail at the edge of the Norquay Ski area and follow an intermediate-level trail back to Banff along the Forty-Mile-Creek valley – another 5km or 45 minutes of downhill fun.

The trailhead for the ride is at the entrance to the Norquay ski area parking lot. Signposting is good throughout.

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