Still Life Cafe

Savor 4-star cuisine in Lone Pine

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The wee town of Independence, with a population of barely  700, is the unlikely home of the Still Life Cafe, one of the best restaurants in the Eastern Sierra.  Owners Malika Adjaoud (the cook) and her husband Michel (the wine expert) deliver a 4-star gourmet cuisine and wine pairing experience that transports you to a back alley bistro in Marseille a half century ago —  minus the jet lag or time machine. Nab a table in the cozy eatery on Independence’s tiny main drag and savor garden-fresh salads with endive,  spiced lamb stew, chewy homemade bread and generous pours of Vignonles Merlot and save room for a perfect cappuccino and a slice of home-baked chocolate torte to cap your meal. Whether you have the whole place (and the owners) to yourself or it’s standing room only with a local jazz musician wailing on the piano, the Still Life Cafe has put Independence on the map as a must-do culinary experience.

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168 N. Edwards St.
Independence CA 93526
(760) 878-2555
Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday-Sunday al year


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