Steeple Chase Olde English Toffee

Your sweet tooth never had it so good

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Yum, yum and yum again. Hard to think anything else here. We really did stumble upon this find as we headed into Waynesville on Highway 276 North.

Frankly the store just caught our eye. Steeple Chase Olde English Toffee, just stood out on this Blue Ridge mountain road.

The store grew out of Barbara Joyce’s habit of making up toffee from a family recipe for holiday gifts for her husband’s business clients, friends and family. Everyone loved it and kept asking for more. So eventually she obliged, but as a business.

Now Zach Joyce has taken over the reins — his words, and as he says “pun intended.”  A lot of sales are done online, so if you stop by to take some home and finish it up quicker than you intended, you can definitely order more. And you may want to do so.

If you stop by the store in Waynesville, you can find the original toffee classic Joyce makes and perhaps a variation on the theme. Tropical toffee with coconut and cashews and butter mint crunch toffee recently were available for tasting.

The toffee is made in 20-pound batches with five pounds of butter in each batch. And don’t ask for the recipe; it’s secret. All natural ingredients and no preservatives are added.

Is it good? Absolutely delicious.  Between store sales and online orders, the store’s annual sales are in the tons.


At A Glance

235 Pigeon St.
Waynesville NC
Monday to Friday, 9-5, occasional Saturdays

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