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The Stanserhorn ‘cabrio’ cable car is one of the country’s best and most eye-catching tourist attractions and great for fans of all things jaw-dropping and/or high-tech.

The open-topped, double-decker cable car (a world-first and almost 100% Swiss) travels from its base station to an altitude of 1850m above sea level in under seven minutes, with striking 360-degree views of the mountains and waters of central Switzerland.

Sixty people can be accommodated on each journey. The lower level of the car is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling windows and is connected to the al-fresco upper level (which can hold 30 people at a time) by a staircase.

Once at the top, you can dine in central Switzerland’s first revolving restaurant (the Rondorama), although simply drinking in the views from the observation deck is perfectly acceptable.

At A Glance

Stanserhorn-Bahn, Stansstaderstrasse 19
Stans Nidwalden CH-6370
41 41 618 80 40
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