St Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Cathedrale Orthidoxe St-Nicolas

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Incongruous and stunning

One of the more incongruous sights in Nice has to be the strikingly beautiful Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St Nicolas tucked away at the end of Avenue Nicolas II in the north west of the city.

This ornate structure boasts six gilded onion domes and red brick façade built for the local Russian community. Moreover, it is the largest Russian religious building outside Russia and similar to its sister church in San Remo, Italy.

Constructed in 1859 on the orders of Czar Nicolas II this stunning edifice contains artefacts from orthodox churches in Moscow.

Above all, don’t miss this: The Byzantine chapel at the end of the park dedicated to the Tzarevich Nicolas. The Tsarevich was Tzar’s son who died here in in 1866

At A Glance

2 Avenue Nicolas II
06000 Nice France
33 (0)9 83 94 71 55

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