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Peek in the closet of anyone who lives within a 200 mile radius of St. Louis and you’ll find at least two or three Cardinal jerseys, T-shirts, caps and jackets and certainly a couple of Fredbirds sitting around the house.

St. Louis is, above all things, a baseball town, and the people here are in love with their Cardinals. With 11 World Series championships to their credit – second only to that team-who-shall-not-be-named from NY – and 19 times in the World Series, who can blame the Red Bird fans for their mania.

The number of National League pennants flying in the outfield of Busch Stadium are almost too numerous to count. The success goes all of the way to Cooperstown with 37 Hall of Fame members from the Cardinal organization.

It’s a “cardinal sin,” get it?, to interrupt anyone watching a game on TV or listening on radio – and don’t even expect to do business in STL in the off-season when the fountains run red with the spirit of pennant fever.

Are you coming to St. Louis for a visit? Better pack something red to wear or you’ll look like an outsider – or worse – a Cubs fan.

At A Glance

700 Clark St.
St. Louis
(314) 345-9600
varies per game
April til October


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