Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Tamil Hindu Temple

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Most temples in Bangkok are Buddhist, but this one, built in 1877, honors Ganesh, Kartik, and Sri Maha Mariamman. The colorful Chola and Pallava architectural styles come from Tamil Nadu. Remove your shoes before entering the temple grounds to see more of the ornate sculptural work. You can walk around the people at the front making offerings and praying.

If you decide you want to leave some flowers or bananas, you’ll notice garlands sold at the front gate are larger than what you typically see in Bangkok. You can buy one to offer. Remember not to sniff them; they’re for the gods’ enjoyment, not ours.

On Pan Road there is also Kathmandu Gallery in a beautifully restored old shophouse. This street also has a number of very good vegetarian restaurants.

BTS: Chong Nonsi
Hours: 6am-8pm Sat-Thu and 6am-9pm Fri

At A Glance

2 Pan Rd at Silom Rd
02 238 4007

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