Square Ambiorix

Symmetry among the chaos

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Not high on the list of many people’s must-sees, this square is a 5 minute walk from The Berlaymont and is well worth a quick detour. Renowned Brussels artist Victor Horta took a part in designing the surrounding houses and sloping gardens. A quiet and peaceful oasis, away from the noise of Brussels’ two main thoroughfares, many styles of architecture can be seen here, although it’s eclectic rather than messy.  Look out for the Maison St Cyr – Gustave Strauven’s 1900 Art Nouveau classic. As it’s a private dwelling, you can’t see inside but standing at the adjacent bus top and peering at it costs nothing.

The square itself is named after the Belgian tribal leader and prince of the Eburones in olden-day Gaul. Julius Caesar disliked fighting the Belgae because they fought not for concessions or treaties but to the last man, and to the death. He is recorded as saying “Of these [the three regions of ancient Gaul], the Belgae are the bravest”. Sadly, there’s no statue to the great man in the square itself, or nearby.

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Square Ambiorix
Brussels 1000

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