Spiaggia della Purita, Salento

Gallipoli Beach by the Old Town

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In the seaside town of Gallipoli, Spiaggia della Purita runs right along one side of the old town just outside the walls and 50 meters from Hotel al Pescatore. If you’re staying in Gallipoli you don’t even need a car to get to the beach. Because it’s close to town, it can also be a good party scene at times.

The beach is sandy and the water is clean and calm although it’s windy enough out on sea to make it a great place for sailing and international sailing races are held in Gallipoli. Spiaggia della Purita’ is one of the best beaches around Gallipoli. Another nice Gallipoli beach is Lido San Giovanni, especially good for families, and just a little farther south is Baia Verde, known for its beach and discos.

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Spiaggia della Purita 73014 Gallipoli Italy


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