Southampton Princess

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Another Fairmont property (the other one being Hamilton Princess), this property is a proper resort.
The great pink building soars above the resort’s own private South Shore beach (just next to Horseshoe Bay) and offers guests plenty of hotel dining options, beach dining, tennis and a gorgeous par-3 golf course, Turtle Hill Golf.

The resort also has its own dive center, a pool, a spa and jet ski rentals and a private beach.

Of course, you don’t have to stay there to enjoy many of the amenities. The restaurants are open to visitors from all over the island, as is the spa and the golf.

A walk or a trolly ride takes guests to the Waterlot Inn on an inlet of the harbour (as it is spelled in Bermuda) or to the beach and the beachfront restaurant, Ocean Club. (The restaurants and bars are open to guests as well as the general public, so don’t think you can’t visit if you are not staying here!)

The trolly also takes guests to the beach front, and the resort’s own ferry rides guests across Hamilton Harbour to Hamilton Princess, where guests can dine, enjoy the Friday happy hour or walk into Hamilton for shopping and dinner in town.

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