Soulard Farmers Market

Soulard Farmer's Market

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A fixture in St. Louis for more than 230 years, the Soulard Farmers Market is the oldest continuously operating farmers market west of the Mississippi – and it just gets bigger and better with age.

There’s a fabulous selection of all of the goodies you would expect at a farmers market, like fruit, vegetables, baked goods and flowers.

But you can also buy live chickens and occasionally other animals. Feel free to haggle the price. It’s just a lot more fun that way.

Don’t forget a bag of Market Mini-Donuts!

There are a flea market and craft stands and some of the most delightful characters St. Louis has to offer.

It’s open all-year and takes on a carnival-like atmosphere during the Mardi Gras season.

Several signs around downtown and on I-55 will direct you to the market, located in Soulard.

At A Glance

730 Carroll St.
St. Louis
(314) 622-4180


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