The old capital of Ventimiglia County

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About 20km/12m north Menton in the valley of the river Bévéra the fascinating medieval village of Sospel lies waiting to be discovered.

It’s hard to believe today but Sospel was once the capital of the County of Ventigmiglia. It was an important stop on the Route de Sel which linked the coast with Turin in Italy. Even today it is on the main road to Piedmont from the Côte d’Azur.

There are many old houses in Lantosque. One of the oldest is the Palais Ricci on the south bank bearing a plaque commemorating a visit by Pope Pius VII in 1809. Nearby is the Cathédrale St-Michel with its Renaissance façade and 13th century belltower.

Sospel’s fortified bridge

The most fascinating structure in Sospel is however the 12th century fortified bridge, or pont Fortifié, across the Bévéra. This unusual structure leads into the other half of the old town on the north bank of the river. In former times it was a toll booth on the Route de Sel and later housed the tourist information office although this is now located on avenue Jean Médecin.

Sospel is an ideal base for touring the eastern side of ‘Beyond’ giving easy access to both mountains and coast.

Don’t miss: the Maginot Line about 3km/2m south of the town. The fort is still occupied by the French Army.

Market days are: Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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