Sorya Food City

Great local food, central location

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Located around the corner from the Central Market, one of the upper floors of the 10-level Sorya Center Point is given over to the Sorya Food City, a plaza of food outlets offering Cambodian and Asian foods.

Laid out like food malls found in most western shopping centers, this pantheon of quick meals appeals to Cambodians looking for reasonably priced cuisine in a clean, air conditioned environment.Food here is excellent.  Duck with rice and salad, served with a vegetable soup costs US$4.  A mango smoothie is US$2.  An enclosed children’s play area provides respite to parents who enjoy eating in peace.  Good value.

You need to pay at the central cashier beforehand and obtain a debit card which is only accepted at the food outlets.  Minimum price is US$4. You return the card after your meal and obtain all monies unspent.

At A Glance

No. 13-61, Street 63, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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