Song Qing Ling’s Former Home

1960's mansion in a Qing-dynasty garden

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Once a Qing-dynasty pleasure garden belonging to Prince Chun, the father of China’s last emperor (Emperor Puyi), this former residence is now a museum which makes for a pleasant stroll if you’re passing this side of lake.

In the 1960s a huge two-storey home was built in the gardens and donated to Song Qing Ling, one of China’s most significant political leaders in recent history. She is still the only women to have led the country since imperial times, after her stint as co-Chairman in the late 60s and early 70s, and just before her death in 1981 she was made Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China, the only person ever to receive the title.Â

Song Qing Ling was married to Sun Yat Sen, a revolutionary leader who is often referred to as the Founding Father of Republican China, although he died many years before she moved here.

The house has been left as it was when Song Qing Ling lived here, with a curious mix of 1960s furniture and more traditional Chinese pieces.

The small exercise park near the main gate here is the place to come if you fancy a swim in Houhai Lake. There’s boating near here too.

Other sights around the lakes: Prince Gong’s Palace and Guanghua Temple.

46 Houhai Beiyan

Nearest subway:
Gulou Dajie (1km)


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46 Houhai Beiyan
adult ¥20, student with Chinese student ID ¥10, children under 1.2m in height free

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