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You’ve heard the warning against staring straight at the sun. But now you can. The solar viewing program in Apgar is for looking at the sun. Just drop in for 5 minutes, or stay for an hour.

First, before planning to check out solar viewing, take a look at the sky and weather. The sun must be out to see it. When it’s visible, a ranger takes a special solar viewing telescope to the Apgar Village greens (the lawn across from The Cedar Tree) for anyone to drop in to take a look. Through the telescope, you can look straight at the sun, earth’s nearest star, without fear of damaging your eyes.

Stay just long enough to look through the scope once or hang around for multiple chances at viewing. The ranger can answer your questions, too. When the sun is out, a ranger usually sets up the telescope from 12pm to 2 pm. The program operates on all days when conditions allow from July through September.


At A Glance

Apgar Village greens
Apgar Montana 59936


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