Chick pea flour, olive oil and salt piping hot!

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Unsophisticated cuisine?

You may well believe that French cuisine is generally fairly sophisticated. While usually true, sample some Socca during your visit to Nice and let me know what you think. Try a little Rosé to accompany it of course!

Origins of Socca

This delicious thin unleavened pancake is made from chick pea flour, olive oil and salt. Originally eaten by the local Niçois workforce to kick-start their day and baked in a wood fire oven in local bars, workers would call into their local at 6.30am for their breakfast of socca. Some would even have it delivered by early versions of pizza delivery men! The important thing was, and still is, to have it piping hot, seasoned with pepper.

Socca originated in Genoa, known as farinata, and nowadays is available in various forms around the Mediterranean not to mention South America.

As with many so-called ‘peasant foods’ these days everyone knows about socca. There is nothing better when enjoying a day in Nice than to call into a restaurant, or one the many bars, for your lunchtime socca washed down with a glass of chilled rosé. Enjoy!

Tap here for a Socca Recipe!

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