Snowshill Manor and Gardens

Compulsive collector

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If clutter makes you crazy then stroll around the gardens and admire this classic honey-coloured manor house from afar. Step inside and you’ll see its late owner, Charles Paget Wade (1883–1956), followed his family motto: ‘Let nothing perish.’

Throughout his working life Wade amassed some 22,000 eclectic objects – embroidered textiles, toys, suits of Samurai armour – from his travels. You’ll find them filling every inch of his former home, bequeathed to the National Trust in 1951.

Outside, there is a sense of order and precision that contrasts with the interior and its haven for hoarders. A network of terraced, walled gardens exhibit the Arts & Crafts style with its nostalgic sprinkling of medievalism.

At A Glance

Snowshill, near Broadway
Gloucestershire WR12 7JU
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