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Two things are true about this weekly outdoor food festival: it’s insane and it’s delightful. Insane because the number of visitors has been reported to top 10,000 in a given day (very possible, based on this author’s experience of waiting in line). Delightful because all 10,000 of those people are full of joy, smiling as they meet their friends, urging their kids to try a first bite of something delicious, sprawling out on the lawns of NYC parks, soaking up the sun or even making the most of the rain. The 100 or so venders (to make the math work, they’d have to serve about a hundred customers each) sell regional, ethnic, or ingredient-focused street food from tents lined up in enormous rows or arcs. The best ones have a gimmick, a rocket-quick turnaround, or both–like the Big Mozz pizza makers who tow in a polished wood countertop with a giant copper wood-burning oven that produces pies with just enough of a gently charred ciabatta-like crust to make room for the most impossibly good toppings. Also on the food fest’s fusion-heavy menu are Venezuelan choripan sandwiches, the Goa Taco, ramen burgers, and organic ice-cream sandwiches.

This fast-moving spin-off of the Brooklyn Flea bric-a-brac market goes all day Saturday at the East River State Park in Williamsburg and then all day Sunday at Breeze Hill in Prospect Park.

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