Slagerij-Eetsalon Meester

Family owned butcher serving excellent erwtensoep

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Slagerij Eetsalon Meester is one part butcher and one part “cafe”. The butcher shop is a family business that has been around since 1923. Everything is made fresh and using locally sourced meat (the Iberia meat comes from Spain). Guests regularly buy something in the shop and then eat it in the dining room.

The shop is located in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, which is not the most touristy of locations. However, you will find the Ajax Arena, the Heineken Music Hall, and the Ziggo Dome in the area.

Amongst other things, this is the place you go for erwtensoep – pea soup. A dish served primarily during the cold months, it is a Dutch favourite. The soup is a thick green pea soup with chunks of sausage. A semi-joke is that if your spoon does not stand up in the soup unaided, then the soup is not thick enough.

At A Glance

Amsterdamse Poort 87
Amsterdam 1102 DA
( 31) 02-0696-8447

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