Skara Brae

Stone Age Scotland preserved

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The 5000-year-old Neolithic village of Skara Brae was hidden by sand dunes for generations until 1850 when a storm hammered the adjacent idyllic Bay of Skaill and washed them away.

This exposed a prehistoric village that’s so well-preserved that even the beds, cupboards, dressers, fireplaces, beds and boxes, have survived – thanks to being made from stone slabs.

The site’s popularity means you can only look view it from its outer walls, but it’s rewarding nonetheless and the interactive exhibits in its visitor centre help compensate, as does its excellent café.

A joint ticket (another £1) will also get you into Skaill House (Apr-Sep), an atmospheric 1620 mansion.

Buses run to Skara Brae from Kirkwall and Stromness (May to September only), or do the easy coastal walk from Stromness via Yesnaby and the Broch of Borwick (9 miles).

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Adult £6.10, Child £3.70, Concession £4.90

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