Silverton, Colorado Restaurants

Restaurants with funny names tucked into 1880s buildings

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It’s a small town and when passengers get off of the train from Durango they usually head to one of the 25 restaurants. Some are better than others. Here are three restaurants to try in Silverton.


Handlebar’s Restaurant and Saloon (corner of 13th and Greene Street) funky and Old West in style, is located in a restored building painted blue. Look for the big mustache on the sign outside. It can get crowded when the train pulls in, so if you’re hungry get over there quickly and get your order in to beat the crowd. The ribs and burgers are good as are the salads and sandwiches. Try the Rocky Mountain oysters if you haven’t before.

The Pickle Barrel

The Pickle Barrel, 1314 Greene St, has been located in a renovated 1880’s building for more than 40 year. It opened in 1971 as a delicatessen and continues to serve good sandwiches and burgers for lunch. The Rubin is a particular favorite. Dinner selections include a slow roasted prime rib and a nice sized filet.

Grand Restaurant and Saloon

If you hear a honky-tonk piano in Silverton it’s probably coming from the Grand Restaurant and Saloon in the Grand Imperial Hotel, 1219 Greene Street. This is another building built in the early 1880’s with Victorian decor and listening to the piano player is just plain fun. The food and service can be hit or miss. It’s burgers, salads, sandwiches and soup for lunch. Not gourmet but decent. Think of the food as secondary. Kick back, have a few beers and enjoy the piano. There’s no cover charge.


At A Glance

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