Sierra del Perdón

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Where the Wind Meets the Stars

This is an enchanting rise over the plains of Navarra outside of Pamplona and on the way to Puente la Reina. When the pilgrim arrives at this high point, winds ceaselessly blow through, carrying away burdens, past regrets, unproductive thoughts, and heavy hearts.

It is one of those metaphoric shedding points on the pilgrimage to Santiago that many pilgrims have felt.

For this reason it is often designated as a powerful place to lighten up one’s metaphoric load, a blatant indicator being the dedication at the large metal sculpture of pilgrims (and a donkey) from all the ages by sculptor Vicente Galbete.

Installed in 1996, its words echo an ancient experience, Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas (where the way of the wind meets the way of the stars). The way of the wind in modern times is clear from the hundreds of windmills that are near this path. But this place has long been a great corridor for the wind.  As you slowly ascend to this spot, you will feel it build. It truly seems to take away heavy burdens and cares, to blow away old residues like old sloughed off skin.

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Sierra del Perdón

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