Sheung Wan

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Sheung Wan is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Hong Kong. Although this is where the British first landed, in 1842, at a place now called Possession Street, to the east is where they chose to settle, in a community they named Victoria (now known as Central). The Chinese, meanwhile, eventually settled in Sheung Wan, making it one of their major trading, commercial and residential areas.

Today Sheung Wan, located in the Central and Western District, is a fascinating labyrinth of streets lined with traditional shops selling herbs, ginseng, Chinese medicine, dried fish, and other local products. Near Possession Street is Man Mo Temple, as well as antique and curio shops on Cat Street and Hollywood Road. Lamentably, modern buildings are slowly encroaching upon the neighborhood; despite gentrification, pockets of old Hong Kong remain.

MTR: Sheung Wan

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