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This is truly one of London’s jewels. Best is to see a production but tours are worthwhile in addition to seeing a show. Sam Wanamaker’s dedication to recreating Shakespeare’s Globe is inspiring. You might get lucky and catch a rehearsal.

The theater is best on summer evenings when darkness falls during a performance. The blend of birds swooping above the open air theater, clouds turning pink and the aroma of intermission hamburgers while actors recite poetic rhythms make this a magical experience.  Today’s interpretations of Shakespeare are never stiff – the actors ham it up and inject humor into even the most tense plays.

If you have stamina for standing, consider a ticket in the yard, the open area in front of the stage. Not only is it an authentic Shakespeare experience but tickets only cost £5 and there are 700 of them. Otherwise, you’ll pay top money for an upper level, stiff-backed seat that barely accommodates 21st century knees.

Tip: Tickets sell out early. Check the website in January for public sale dates which are usually in February. If you want to be guaranteed to stay dry, book a seat under the partial roof.

At A Glance

21 New Globe Wk
44 (0)20 7902 1400
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