Seven Falls and Broadmoor Soaring Adventures

Zip over streams then walk 224 steps alongside seven falls

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You’re walking between the “Towers of Hercules”, which are only 41 feet apart at the most narrow point. And, you’re going to climb up 224 steps alongside the falls that tumble 181 feet downward. The Broadmoor Seven Falls is a park set in a dramatic steep-walled 1,250-foot-high box canyon.

You’ll want to climb slowly, both because of the altitude and because the location is stunning. (Some visitors take the elevator up and walk down.)

Once you’ve reached the top, take a hike on one of the nature trails. Try the one-hour round-trip Inspiration Point, which Seven Falls visitors have been walking on for more than a century.

Soaring Adventures

You can soar over streams, woods and canyons before reaching the waterfalls, if you choose the Soaring Adventure. During this adventure you will soar on up to 10 zip lines, which stretch in distance from 300 feet to 1,800 feet, walk across rope bridges and even rappel down a cliff.

The Woods Course and the Fins Course take you zip-lining over different types of terrain. One takes you over wooded terrain and streams, while the other takes you over Midnight Falls, past jagged steep cliffs and across Seven Falls Canyon.

Walking down the 224 steps alongside the falls will seem like a breeze after seeing the world from up high.

Restaurant 1858

Since The Broadmoor purchased Seven Falls, they have upgraded everything and put in a restaurant at the base of the falls. Restaurant 1858, looks rustic because it’s built with hand-hewn stone and reclaimed barn wood. But, it has the hallmarks of The Broadmoor’s upscale style carried through with its Colorado-themed menu. Reservations are strongly advised.

Getting There

You can’t drive up to Seven Falls.You must park at 6 Lake Ave. and take the shuttle. From the park entrance, it’s .8 miles to the base of the falls. The park is open year-round, rain or shine, but check ahead in the winter because the stair may be closed when it’s icy.

The parking lot for the Soaring Adventure is at a different location. It’s specified on the website.

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At A Glance

6 Lake Ave.
Colorado Springs 80906
Adults $14; ages 2-12 $8

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