Serra Orrios: Guide to a Prehistoric Urban Settlement in Sardinia

Visit a Sprawling Nuraghic Village in a Picturesque Setting

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serra orrios
Serra Orrios

Serra Orrios nuraghic village is one of the island’s most picturesque and largest prehistoric sites. It lies in the basalt plateau of Gollei near the mountain town of Dorgali. The village is very big with more than one hundred huts and two megaron style temples that were in use between 1500 BC and 250 BC. What it doesn’t have is a nuraghe.

You will enjoy a nice stroll between the round huts that represents a prehistoric example of an urban settlement. Think way back in history and admire the complexity of the village plan with narrow paved streets, little squares and wells. An especially nice time to visit is just before sunset.

The Cooperative Ghivine, which operates excursions and tours of archaeological sites in the area, has this to say of the temples:

But the most attractive architectural elements are certainly the two “megaron” temples, which could be regarded as resulting from cultural exchanges in the light of recent discoveries concerning the presence of the Myceneans in Sardinia, confirmed nearby on the east coast where fragments of Mycenean goods have been found.

serra orios temple
Temple | Serra Orrios

Getting to Serra Orrios

Serra Orrios is northwest of Dorgali, inland from Cala Gonone on the east coast (see Cala Gonone location on this Sardinia Map). To visit Serra Orrios you’ll need a car. Take route 129 from Nuoro towards Orosei. turning off onto the smaller road for Dorgali. Just before you get to Dorgali, signs to Serra Orrios will lead you when to turn left. It’s a 600 yard walk to reach the Nuragic village from the ticket office. There is an entrance fee of 5 euro.

Also in the area you can see the Giant’s Tomb S’ena e Thomes.

serra orrios huts
Serra Orrios and Mountains

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