Small town with services

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Between Chalon-sur-Saône and Tournus

Sennecey-le-Grand is a good town to stop in and stock up on food. Or let someone else cook and have a bite to eat at a local restaurant. You can also fill up the tank if needed. South of town on the N6 is a shopping center with gas station.

The town center has a few convenience stores and other local stores, bakeries and butcher shops.

The two main attractions in Sennecey-le-Grand are a Romanesque Church and WWII memorial. There is a tourist office in Sennecey-le-Grand’s once chateau. There is a small SAS museum related to the town’s Special Air Service Brigade memorial. To visit the museum, ask at the tourist office for the key.

At A Glance

Sennecey-le-Grand 71240 France


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