Sedona Vortex

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A vortex is considered to be an area with a high concentration of metaphysical energy; Sedona is unique in that it has four such energy fields: Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon near the Kachina Woman red rock formation, which you can see from Enchantment Resort. These energy fields are said to be positive and offer restorative properties to those who visit them. You’ll often see individuals meditating or performing yoga poses at these locations. One of the easiest to get to is Bell Rock, which is said to have high levels of energy surrounding it. One indicator of these energy fields is said to be the twisted tree trunks you’ll find along the path.

Several tour operators offer vortex-specific excursions, including Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking and Red Rock Jeep Tours, both of which are listed in this application.

At A Glance

Red Rock Pass Required, if you're parking on forest lands


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