Schooner Gulch State Beach (Bowling Ball Beach)

A beach playground

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Two of Mendocino’s best beaches are in Schooner Gulch State Beach. To access the beaches, from Highway 1, park at mile marker 11.41. The southern trailhead takes you to Schooner Gulch Beach, a lovely strip of rock and sand popular with families and surfers.

The northern trailhead takes you to Bowling Ball Beach. At low tide, a tribe of massive bowling ball shaped boulders appear from under the sea. Surrounding them are tidepools filled with abalone and starfish. Be sure to check the tide charts before trekking down here. Also note that the last bit of the path has been washed out and getting to the rocky beach requires you to scale across some logs perched above a stream. Use caution.

At A Glance

3 miles south of Point Arena, at Schooner Gulch Rd
Point Arena

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