RAF crash with 5 survivors & 1 dead

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Crashed November 8th 1941

The bomber took off from Elsham Wolds at 6.30pm on November 7th and belonged to the 103 Squadron. After carrying out its mission, the aircraft ran low on fuel. The crews only option was to parachute.

The plane crashed in the woods in the hamlet of Villeron. The surviving crew members were found and arrested. Locals found a crew member’s body on November 10th near the village of Courlaoux in the woods of La Vavanchee.

You can get a clear view of the woods where the aircraft crashed by following the signs for Villeron from the center of Savigny-en-Revermont. The view is from across a lake. Park just when you see the lake.

There is a memorial off the D87 road that runs from Savigny-en-Revermont to Beaurepaire-en-Bresse. When exiting the village go over the Autoroute and turn right at the second road, Impass de la Gare.

The memorial reads:

On 8 November 1941
Crashed an Aircraft
Of the RAF
In Honor
Of our Liberators

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