Sardinia's Second Largest City

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Sassari, the second largest city in Sardinia, lies in the north and is surrounded by beautiful countryside with lots of olive groves. Sassari has often been described as the intellectual city of Sardinia where important Italian governors and politicians were born and educated in its old and prestigious University. It is a busy city with a lovely medieval center where there are many important monuments, including the Palazzo Ducale and the Baroque Duomo of San Nicola.

The Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Betlem, just outside the city’s ancient quarter, is also worth a visit.

Near the ruins of the ancient walls is the garden with the Baroque monument called Fontana Rosello. It is an ancient Roman spring that was transformed into a Baroque style fountain full of ornaments and decorations in the 17th century.

 If you enjoy museums the National Archaeological Museum Sanna has a great exhibition of finds from the prehistory of the northern area around Sassari. The central square, Piazza Italia, with the 19th statue monument of King Vittorio Emanuele II in the middle, is surrounded by important buildings like the neoclassic Palazzo della Provincia.

La Cavalcata Sarda Festival in May and the mid-August Candelieri parades are the most important traditional events in Sassari.

Sassari is on Sardinia’s main rail line. The closest airport is in Alghero.

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