Sarlat: Cathédrale St Sacerdos

Sarlat's Cathedral

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The Church of St Sacerdos first appeared here during the 12th Century. However, most of the original structure was torn down in 1504 to make way for a new Cathedral. The new structure was commissioned by the Bishop Armand de Gontaud-Biron, who was the Abbot of Sarlat Abbey.

The name St Sacerdos refers to Sacerdos of Limoges who relics arrived here during Medieval times.

Ogive vaulting

However, the building took more than one hundred and fifty years to complete although they retained the Romanesque belfry above the West front.  Inside the well proportioned design of the Nave with its ogive vaulting impresses the visitor.

Don’t Miss: Walk along the Rue Montaigne on the North side of the Church for a great view of the East end of the building and also to see the enigmatic Lanterne des Morts.

At A Glance

Place du Peyrou
Sarlat la Canèda 24200
33(0)5 53 59 03 16

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