Sarlat: Café Le Lébérou

A cool place to chill in old Sarlat

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You can find Le Lébérou in the middle of Sarlat‘s old town on the rue Jean Jacques Rousseau. Typically French, it is the haunt of locals of all ages, musicians, gamers (the board variety), and storytellers. Oh!.. and  those just wanting a quiet drink while reading the newspaper!


The boss, Franc Champou, hosts discussion groups on Philosophy, Politics, Science, Literary Issues and even an Occitan group where they speak the old language of the region. You don’t speak Occitan or even French? Well, at any rate, don’t worry, some discussions are translated into English and Dutch!

Le Lébérou? From the Occitan for ‘the hare’, a mythical character, half-man and half-beast, condemned to roam in the shadows and you will know for certain if you meet him because he will shake your hand with his palm down!

At A Glance

5 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
24200 Sarlat
33(0)6 73 69 04 88

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