Sansevero Chapel

Where art, alchemy and anatomy converge.

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The Sansevero Chapel can be tricky to find, but persevere until you do. Inside this tiny chapel is Giuseppe Sanmartino’s Veiled Christ, an 18th-century masterpiece you don’t want to miss.

The sculpture, Christ’s lifeless body in repose covered by a transparent shroud, was hewn from a single slab of stone. It was conceived of by Prince Raimondo di Sangro, an eccentric Prince who was an alchemist and a bit of a mad scientist. Legend has it the Prince applied some alchemical process to achieve this astounding result, but it is not so. The effect is owed to the genius of the Neapolitan sculptor Giuseppe Sanmartino.

The chapel also offers up another attraction: two “anatomical machines”. One a male and one a pregnant female, these skeletons are enhanced with blue veins and red arteries made of artificial materials.

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Via Francesco De Sanctis, 19
39 081 5518470

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