Sandwich Glass Museum

A fascinating and impressive glass menagerie

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The Sandwich Glass Museum boasts an impressive exhibit of art, science, and history. It introduces wonder into the everyday world of glass, 5,000 pieces of which are displayed with natural backlighting. Follow the development of color and form as it evolved through time. You could skip the 20-minute video, though it is rich in historical context. The glass-making industry’s golden years in Sandwich ran from 1825 to 1888, during which Deming Jarves’s Boston & Sandwich Glass Company and Cape Cod Glass Works flourished.

Don’t miss the Hannah Rebecca Burgess collection, or the contemporary exhibits. Your 6-year-old may engage only during the glass-blowing demonstration, though, where an enthralling artisan makes a miracle out of a glowing blob of molten glass, and explains the process in down-to-earth terms. They often call on a young volunteer to assist. Help your youngster complete the scavenger hunt and you (rather, your child) get a lovely marble for your efforts.

At A Glance

129 Main Street
Open Feb. through Dec.

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