Sandwich Boardwalk

Each board tells a story

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Your eyes keep drifting back to the boards on Sandwich Boardwalk. One says wryly, “Get off our board.” Another holds a thoughtful phrase. Another a riddle. Then your eyes are filled with sunshine dazzling in the marshland, sparkling in the grass. A blue heron probes a tidal pool. Another board catches your eye with a warm memorial to a family member. The 1,350-foot boardwalk is paved with planks personalized by Sandwich locals as a fundraiser to restore the bridge after storms and weathering.

It stretches across marshes and canoeable creeks, touching down again on Town Neck Beach. Townies leap from it into the creek at high tide. Take in Cape Cod Bay, the beach, the canal entrance, dunes, jetties, and the white cliffs of Sagamore. Don’t forget your binoculars: The birds love it here, too. From the Boardwalk Road access, launch your canoe or kayak into Mill Creek or Old Dock Creek (which takes you to Old Harbor Creek and the marshes).

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Boardwalk Road

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