Sandia Peak Tramway

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One of North America’s longest aerial tramways, these cable cars whisk passengers from the Albuquerque foothills to the crest of the Sandia Mountains in 15 minutes. Built in 1966 as a way to access the Sandia Peak Ski Area on the east side of the mountains, the tram still transports skiers to the backside each winter. However, most riders come for the pinnacle views of 11,000 square miles of the Río Grande Valley and the city of Albuquerque.

Take note: The elevation at the peak is more than 10,000 feet; the weather is cooler and the winds more blustery at the top. Once at the top, you can hike the Crest Trail. Most opt for the north spur, heading to a Kiwanis Club rock house that is a turn around point for most. High Finance Restaurant serves lunch and dinner with a side of epic views. In May 2016, in honor of its 50th anniversary the tram unveiled new cars, designed by the same Swiss firm that built the original cars. When it was built some five decades ago, it was an engineering marvel. Today, it remains the longest tramway of its kind in the world.

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30 Tramway Rd NE
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