San Michele Grotto

Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael

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The Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael dates from the 5th – 6th centuries. The original sanctuary is in a cave beneath the more modern San Michele Pilgrimage Shrine portal and is open to the public. Mass is still celebrated at the sanctuary and visitors are not allowed in during mass. There’s a small book shop near the sanctuary entrance with information and souvenirs.

The Grotto is an important pilgrimage site for devotees of the Archangel Saint Michael and is a major stop on the Saint Michael Pilgrimage route from Mont Sant Michel in France to Jerusalem. The original grotto of San Michele is said to have been consecrated by the archangel and is the only church not consecrated by human hands.

Near the sanctuary are the devotional and archaeological museums.

At A Glance

Basilica San Michele
Monte Sant Angelo


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