San Juan County Historical Mining Heritage Center

An education about the old mining days

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Silverton, which today relies on tourism, had a rich mining history. The museum, which includes the old “rustic” jail, provides a good education of the old mining days. You’ll see a lot of the old mining equipment and gear, including an old port-a-potty on wheels. With a little thought one can really appreciate what it took to extract gold and other minerals from the ground.

If you ride the train from Durango to Silverton, you’ll also get a feel for the history of the old mining district and what life was like in the
late 1800’s. If you take the train, there is a two hour break until the return trip and this museum is definitely a worthwhile stop.

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At A Glance

1557 Greene St. - Courthouse Square
Silverton Colorado 81433
(970) 387-5609


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