San Gregorio Armeno

A saint's weekly miracle.

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A conventual complex with Byzantine roots, San Gregorio Armeno is the scene of a weekly miracle and home to one of Naples prettiest cloisters.

The most famous blood liquefaction takes place at the Duomo, but Naples is a city of many of miracles and here, at San Gregorio Armeno, the blood of another saint liquefies. It is the blood of Santa Patrizia and it liquefies not 3 times a year, but every Tuesday after the 09.30 am mass. When the nuns who live here are not busy worshiping Santa Patrizia, they are out doing charitable works in the community or toiling away in the cloister.  If asked, most will happily show you the remains of a 12th-century Byzantine chapel in the cloister and regale you with stories of the complex’s complex origins.

It was named for Saint Gregory, San Gregorio Armeno, the 4th century AD Armenian Bishop who converted his country to Christianity. Legend has it his remains were brought here in the 8th century by nuns fleeing the Byzantine Empire and they are hidden away somewhere in the complex still. Inside the church, Luca Giordano’s frescos tell the story of the Bishop and how his remains came to be in Naples.

At A Glance

Via San Gregorio Armeno, 44
39 081 5520186

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