Sampeng Lane

Chinatown's narrowest market

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This is one of the oldest markets in Thailand, a squashed and jam packed affair located in a very narrow alleyway that parallels Yaowarat Road through much of Chinatown. While not overly special for tourists, locals love it because it is the cheapest wholesale market in Thailand, and many Thais come here in the wee hours of the morning to strike deals. The market is full of various textiles and clothes, sandals, slippers, lots of kitsch, and even shops full of dried fish, nuts, and fruits. Just wandering through here might not strike one as anything special, but if you are in the market for bulk amounts of clothing, you can expect to walk out of here paying 50% less than you’d pay elsewhere in town.

It can be very hot and crowded inside here, but every block or so there is an escape from the alleyway, so one can just walk as far as one wants and then head back up to Yaowarat.

At A Glance

Soi Wanit 1, Yaowarat Road
Bangkok Bangkok 10100

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