Samoborsko Gorje

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Just west of Samobor lies Samoborsko Gorje or the Samobor Hills, a protected nature park that includes the Zumberak mountain range. Not your typical nature reserve inside are working villages, vineyards and farms.

You can reach the park from the towns of Samobor, Jastrebarsko or the villages of Krasic and Klinca Sela. If you start from Ozalj – visit Ozalj Castle.

At Slani Dol there’s a visitor information centre where you can pick up a map of the area with hiking and walking trails – the park has over 300 kilometres of marked trails perfect for exploring.

At the information centre get details on where to find the park’s waterfalls and caves. If you’re up for it give the parks highest peak a try – Sveta Gera at 1178m.

There’s a good walk from Soiceva Kuca, a popular local restaurant and mountain cabin to Japetic Peak which takes about 2 hours. On the way to Japetic (880m) stop at the medieval fort of Lipovac.

Apart from hiking you can try cycling, rock-climbing, paragliding and even horse riding. There are also educational programs for children.

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