Samobor Food

The gastro destination of continental Croatia

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You can take a stroll around Samobor marveling at this pretty town with its pastel coloured buildings and babbling stream but the real reason people flock here is the food.

First things first.

The Samobor kremsnita or custard cream slice, is the must-eat dessert while in town. It’s so famous that poetry and songs have been written in honour of the light, but thick custard cream packaged between puff pastry sheets and dusted with icing sugar. Try the slice at U Prolazu (Trg kralja Tomislava 5) on the main square.

Another Samobor treat is Bermet – a refined aperitif made from red wine, fruits and herbs.

Some say that Napoleon bought the recipe here, others say it was in Samobor long before Napoleon turned up. The way it’s brewed is a secret with the oldest recipe belonging to the Filipec family. You can taste a drop at the Filipec cellar at Straznicka 1a. Keep in mind you won’t be able to leave without also trying the family’s classic Mustarda (a type of mustard) along with their home-made small goods.

For a traditional Samobor meal, head straight to Gabreku 1929 (Starogradska 46). In business since 1929, try the traditional mushroom soup and any of the over 30 types of sweet and savory crepes. It’s the best restaurant in town.

Other good pit-stops include Kod Mrve (Livadiceva 13) with their hearty meat and vegetable platters and Medenko (Mirka Klescica 1) for more cake and ice-cream concoctions.

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