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Angela Rosengart, a local art dealer, turned over her extraordinary collection (started by her father, the art dealer Siegfried Rosengart) of works by Spanish master and good friend Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Monet (among others) via the Rosengart Foundation. It’s an impressive collection too: some 300 works by over 20 of the 19th and 20th centuries’ most important western artists and it is a definite highlight for any visitor to Lucerne.

Showstoppers, housed in a grand neoclassical former bank building in the city center, include five portraits of Rosengart by Picasso, the charmingly childlike X-chen by Paul Klee (the first work ever purchased by a teenaged Angela Rosengart) and some dreamy Impressionist paintings.

Don’t miss the stunning collection of photographs taken by David Douglas Duncan, which provide a vivid insight into Picasso’s life and work.

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Pilatusstrasse 10
Lucerne Lucerne CH-6003
41 41 220 16 60
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