Saint Mark’s Church

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With an almost tapestry-like roof Saint Mark’s Church is an absolute show-stopper. On said roof, the left side bears the medieval Croatian (red and white checkerboard), Dalmatian (three crowned leopards) and Slavonian (six pointed star and marten) coats-of-arms and on the right, the Zagreb emblem.

Due to various natural disasters St Mark’s has received plenty of TLC in the form of reconstruction and not a lot remains of the original 13th century building.

The Gothic portal contains 15 figures and was sculpted in the 14th century. You can enter the anteroom only during opening hours. Unfortunately, the church itself is open only at Mass times and inside highlights include two works by Ivan Mestrovic and frescoes by artist Jozo Kljakovic.

From April to October there’s a guard-changing ceremony outside the church every Saturday and Sunday at noon.

At A Glance

Trg Svetog Marka 5
Zagreb 10000


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