Russian Market

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Further south of Phnom Penh city is the sprawling Russian Market (Phsar Tuol Tom Poung).  Considered larger than the Central Market and more rustic, more local.

For users it is a large ramshackle of stalls offering fresh food and vegetables, spices, woodcarvings, souvenirs and clothing. Here you can shop for hours among a warren of retail stalls. Bargain for the famous Cambodian krama, the scarf with a 100 uses, hand loomed silks and textiles. Treat yourself to world acclaimed aromatic spices like Kampot pepper and dried fruit. Experience the live seafood section and barbequed meats.

Designer jeans, pants and shirts in large sizes are to be bargained for while scarves, children’s clothing, DVDs, replica watches, electrical gadgets and locally produced handicrafts can purchased here at low, low prices.

At A Glance

Between Street 440 and Street 163, Phnom Penh

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