Russell Mill Town Forest

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The first thing you should know about RMTF is that it is located quite close to Great Brook Farm as well as Billerica State Forest. Unless you are quite pressed for time, a visit to one should really include a visit to the others.

Russell Mill is the biggest of ten open-space areas in Chelmsford. Still, at only 130 acres, it is micro-sized compared to almost any of the many state forests that new england is blessed with. And when you realize that perhaps 10 acres of that is under water, you realize what a tiny jewel RMTF really is.

Like many mountain bike areas, especially in MA but around New England, you can thank NEMBA for these trails. Their trail building and advocacy keep places like this open to bikes.

The trails here include ancient carriage roads, doubletrack, and about a 7 mile loop of technical singletrack. At least six different boardwalk bridges over boggy areas exist. Mud is fun, but we bikers don’t want to leave behind rutted, decimated land.

As a semi-personal aside, one of the problems that the land managers hoped would be helped by letting in mountain bikers is litter and illegal dumping of larger trash. Now, of course nobody could expect you to put a pile of old tires or a burnt-out TV in your trunk, but the more mountain bikers can be seen cleaning the place up, the better. Needless to say, this is especially true of bike-identifiable trash like used inner tubes. I know- I find it hard to believe anyone does this, but I’ve found old tubes, boxes from the new tubes, and any number of other things on trails in the past. Especially in this park, please be aware of litter!

According to NEMBA,
“Fun singletrack which appeals to all levels of riders is what we are after”.

At A Glance

130 mill rd. chelmsford
Dawn to Dusk

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