rue Terarken

A real hidden gem

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Rue Terarken is famous for only one thing – and it’s not really even famous for that.

You need to do a bit of detective work to discover that it dates back to 1293 and was part of an old district of Brussels that was eventually all but destroyed to make way for the Central Station. The street and the district were known as the rue d’Angleterre for disputed reasons.

If you can find the stairs down to the small section of the street that sits squashed between Bozar and the Hôtel Ravenstein, go right to the end and you’ll see a small blue plaque on the wall. The plaque commemorates the fact that this was the area in which the Bronte sisters lived during their time in Brussels.

You get to see one of the oldest remaining parts of Brussels, a commemorative plaque and will have a good story to tell your friends. What’s not to like?

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rue Terarken
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