Rue de la Poissonerie

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Turn left at the eastern end of the Cours Saleya into the Rue de la Poissonerie leading from the Place de la Poissonerie. Poissonerie in French means fish market.

The old street in the heart of the Vieux Ville looks much as it has done for hundreds of years. Look out for an unusual image attached to the wall of an upper storey as you wander along.

Adam and Eve

During the 16th Century rich Niçois used to decorate the façades of their mansions with bas-reliefs. This one, created in 1584 and recently renovated by the Niçois frescoist Guy Ceppa, depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, cavorting naked except for a tastefully located covering of vines, and brandishing clubs. They seem intent on adding murder, or at the very least grievous bodily harm, to their other misdemeanours!

This particular bas-relief is especially striking (pun not intended!) and always creates interest from passers by. If you look carefully It bears the initials LT which commemorates the original owner Lazarus Terese.

NOTE: The modern Fishmarket is located in the Place St-François also in Vieux Nice.

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place de la Poissonerie Nice

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