Roseate Spoonbills in Everglades National Park

A bird that likes to nest in mangrove trees

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For most visitors, the colorful pink and white roseate spoonbill is the representative bird of ENP.
Hunted almost to extinction for its colorful plumes, the population has made an impressive comeback. 

The roseate spoonbill is known for its broad, flattened bill. The bill is important for feeding as the bird moves it underwater from side to side, searching for shrimp and small fish.
The flat bill also is handy for searching soft shallow muddy areas for insects and crustaceans.

In ENP, look for the roseate spoonbill at Paurotis Pond in winter. Also Mzarek Pond, usually in February, when the water level is dropping. In summer, try Eco Pond.

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Paurotis Pond
Homestead 33034

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